Phobias Can Be Cured!

The good news: most phobias including those that you have had your whole life are treatable! The most common type of phobia is a specific fear such has of an animal or situation such as flying. This type of phobia may develop after a traumatic experience such as someone who gets bitten by a dog may be conditioned to fear all dogs and all situations that may involve a dog. Some people become phobic after observing someone else’s traumatic experience-this is called vicarious learning. Psychologists believe that folks who are prone to phobias have high emotional reactivity which may be genetic. These folks react to stressful events more intensely and for longer periods of time. Specific phobias can be cured in as few as one to three sessions of exposure therapy. Exposure therapy can be immersive through hypnosis where the hypnotist and the client develop a ladder of ever increasing exposure to events leading up to the most anxiety provoking event. This is done with a lot of support from the hypnotist as the client confronts each fear evoking situation from least to most anxiety provoking. Each situation on the ladder or hierarchy is faced repeatedly until until it is “passed” with receding anxiety. This is very much a collaborative experience between client and hypnotist. The hypnotist allows you to confront each situation until you can do so with little discomfort.

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