Hypnosis Services

I offer 60 minute and 90 minute sessions which you can record using your own device for practice on your own. I also offer CDs that I have recorded on visualization, healing, and progressive relaxation which are available for purchase after an individual session. Typically, the format is a two session program with the first session assessing your needs and your response to hypnosis and the second session consisting of  hypnosis targeting your specific goals.

Life Coaching Services

I also offer mentoring services that can help you address thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you from reaching your life goals. This is a one-on- one relationship that is supportive and non-judgmental and takes place over several weeks or months. This is not therapy. You will learn specific strategies for maximizing your potential. This can be accomplished over the phone as well as in person.


Neither the hypnosis or life coaching sessions are covered by insurance. The hypnosis sessions are $65 an hour payable by cash or check. The life coaching is similar in pricing but can be purchased as a package.

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