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  1. Hi Dr. Holt,
    I have made several changes in my life in the last six months – exercise, diet, financial planning. I even completed a 5 day Tony Robbins Breakthrough event this week. The one thing that I want to change is my need to sleep in. I have always (since childhood) found it hard to wake up early. When I do (for an airplane or job), I will do it and be tired all day and it will bring my energy down. My friends know not to call me before noon on weekends because I am probably still sleeping. I was tested for sleep apnea and am doing better having lost weight, taking B1 vitamin and having my bed elevated at the head. Still, I cannot get motivated to not sleep in on the weekends or day off and I have to hit snooze so many times during the work week. I work from home, but soon I will have to return to an office in Austin at least 3 days a week. I want so badly to be the person who wakes up feeling energized and who can wake up much earlier to accomplish more. I am the kind of person who will find a way to make things happen in my life, but I am absolutely at a loss on how to change my need for sleep. I don’t know why at my age of 57 I still need so much sleep. Yes, I am more of a night owl and go to be between 11:30 and 1 am. I tried for a while to go to bed at 9:30 and still needed to sleep longer. Could hypnotherapy help me change this unproductive pattern in my life?

  2. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for contacting me. I certainly think that hypnosis could be a useful tool in what you want to accomplish. Your goal is to get up earlier and feel energized to do what you need to do, correct? If you would like to talk further about this we could set up a time to talk on the phone and you could see if you think I/hypnosis would be a good fit for you. Do you want to call me at 361.442.9590?

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