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  1. The struggle is real and I feel like I need some guidance and think this would help.

  2. I have a drinking problem, I want to know how to drink but coming from years of drinking and having blackouts I don’t know if this could be reached or I should just not drink at all I would like to see if I could be a candidate for this treatment ?

  3. I used to think hypnosis was not a real thing. But my thinking was changed. I made a appointment with Mary Lou and we spoke about what I was needing then we did the hypnosis and my whole mindset was changed. Now I’m a believer and my whole outlook has changed for the better. I’m a believer and would recommend Mary Lou to anyone else that needs a positive attitude adjustment.

  4. Paul,

    Thank you so much. It is a pleasure working with you and I know you can reach your goals.

    Mary Lou

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