Overcoming Imposter Feelings; Seven Strategies That Can Help

Most everyone has these feelings at some time or another; where you might feel unqualified for your position or job often ignoring facts about your achievements. Did you know that imposter feelings are common among new physicians and often lead to burnout? So what are some strategies to deal with these negative emotions? Today I will discuss two of these strategies.

#1. Learn the Facts. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What facts support that you deserve to be in your role? It can help to zoom out and consider where you are now compared to where you were last year or five years ago? In this process you monitor your internal dialogue. Simply ask yourself how you might support a friend who minimizes their accomplishments and then apply that same supportive dialogue to your own inner thoughts.

#2. Share Your Feelings. If you don’t trust your own facts then enlist other people. Sharing your imposter feelings with other people will not only reduce loneliness but also opens doors for others to share what they see in you. However be strategic with whom you share these imposter feelings as airing struggles with peers can promote comparison and increase the imposter feelings but venting to trusted individuals can provide a more helpful picture of your accomplishments and worth. Venting to individuals with similar roles and occupations and backgrounds may help you gain new ways to cope. Sometimes imposter feelings rise to the level where they negatively impact your functioning at which time you might want to consider therapy.

In the coming weeks, I will talk more about additional strategies to manage imposter syndrome. If you think I can help with decreasing negative thought patterns, please feel free to contact me at 361.442.9590 or holtadams2002@yahoo. com.