More Unconventional Ways To Manage Your Time

I am going to continue to add different ways to manage your time.

Strategy #3: Another way is to decide in advance what you want to be lousy at. Your heard me right! You can’t excel at everything so stop trying to be and do your best at everything! If I am trying to be a wonderful parent, that may mean I have an untidy house…getting in physical shape may mean I stop trying to cook gourment dinners. This type of strategic underachievement lets me select what I neglect in my life. It also takes the sting and shame out of a messy home or cold sandwiches for supper. Even in areas of your life that you must attend to, there is room to fall short on a rotating basis. Example: You can choose to drop your fitness goals for the next few weeks so that you can volunteer to help with a cause that you deeply believe in. Once that it is done, you can return to your fitness goals.

Strategy #4: Another strategy involves serialization. Focus on one big project at a time, and complete it before you move to the next one. Multitasking may make you feel like you are getting a lot done, but it’s often a way to avoid deep commitment. It allows you to jump over to another project every time you feel stalled or anxious. The result is that you feel stalled or anxious. As a result you wind up making marginal progress on many half finished projects. Even if you complete some projects, the results are often mediocre and not as satisfying as excelling on one important project. Also by serializing you are training your mind to tolerate higher levels of anxiety and uncertainty when you face a complication in a project–you have no choice but to find a solution and push through.

In the next few weeks I will talk about four more unconventional ways to manage your time. If you think you need help with time management please contact me at 361.442.9590 or More than likely we can find ways to manage your anxiety in relation to time management.