Anxiety Thoughts Assessment

With anxiety come feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms. What are some of the anxious thoughts? There are 11 major fears (Burns, 1989):

  1. difficulty concentrating
  2. racing thoughts or mind jumping from one thing to another
  3. frightening fantasies or daydreams
  4. feeling that you’re on the verge of losing control
  5. fears of cracking up or going crazy
  6. fears of fainting or passing out
  7. fears of physical illnesses or heart attacks or dying
  8. concerns about looking foolish or inadequate in front of others
  9. fears of being alone, isolated, or abandoned
  10. fears of disapproval or criticism
  11. fears that something terrible is about to happen

If you have any of these moderately or often, then you might be experiencing anxiety. Did you know that hypnosis can help with many of these symptoms? If you think I might be able to help, please contact me.