Which of Your Senses Do You Use the Most?

Did you know that most of us use just one of our five senses to describe our experiences? How do you know which of your senses is the main way that you experience your world and why is that important knowledge?

To determine your main representational sense you will need to pay close attention to your language. You can use the following list as a guideline:

  1. Are you primarily visual, as in “When I look at myself, I see someone who is in trouble ” or “I see what you are saying.”?
  2. Are you primarily kinesthetic, as in “When I feel everyone is against me, I get knotted up inside” or “You have handed me a way to proceed and I would like to get more of a feel for it.”?
  3. Are you primarily auditory, as in “I keep listening to myself and I don’t like what I’m hearing” or “You have told me a way to proceed that sounds good.”?
  4. Are you primarily olfactory, as in ” It smells fishy to me” or “I love the smells of springtime.”?
  5. Are you primarily gustatory, as in “He’s left me with a sour taste” or “I taste victory.”?

Why is it important to know your primary representational sense? The words that you choose to see/hear/taste/feel or smell your world are clues to your inner self and the ways in which you communicate with others. To establish good rapport, it helps to speak in similar terms as the person with whom you are interacting; otherwise it can seem as if one of you is speaking English and the other, French!

The above is just a sample of the words that are used for different senses. If you are interested in knowing other words or if you would like help in determining your main representational sense, please feel free to contact me.

As always I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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