What Hypnosis Is and Isn’t

When folks learn that I use hypnosis in my practice, I usually get one of two reactions: “Wow! That sounds really interesting; how does it work?” or “You don’t make people do crazy things, do you?” So let me start off by listing what hypnosis is and isn’t:

What it isn’t:

  1. Loss of consciousness
  2. sign of a weak will
  3. sign of a weak mind
  4. confession of secrets
  5. sign of vulnerability
  6. sleep
  7. loss of control
  8. inability to come out of trance
  9. entertainment
  10. lie detector or truth serum
  11. unpleasant experience
What it is:
  1. concentration or focused attention
  2. deep state of relaxation
  3. openness to suggestion
  4. application to wide variety of conditions/situations
  5. requirement of highly motivated individual
  6. the ultimate in self control
  7. the use of imagination
  8. an expression of an individual response which is tailored to one’s unique talents and capabilities
  9. an everyday occurrence such as driving somewhere and not remembering how one got there or losing all track of time while reading a book
  10. something that is not done to you or for you but is the result of a partnership between you and the hypnotist

The key to a successful hypnosis session is the trust and rapport between the client and the hypnotist.

If this is something in which you are interested and would like more information, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss it with you.