Stress Management and Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very useful tool to manage stress symptoms. You may be able to identify some symptoms of stress but the following quiz may help you see how stressed you really are.

Start by writing down each of the following item numbers if it applies to you:

  1. I find myself less eager to go back to work or resume my chores after the weekend.
  2. I feel less and less patient and/or sympathetic listening to others’ problems.
  3. I ask more closed ended questions to discourage dialogue with friends and coworkers than open ended questions to encourage them to talk.
  4. I try to get away from people as soon as I can.
  5. My dedication to work, exercise, diet, and friendships is decreasing.
  6. I am falling behind in many of my responsibilities.
  7. I am losing my sense of humor.
  8. I find it more and more difficult to see people socially.
  9. I feel tired most of the time.
  10. I don’t seem to have much fun anymore.
  11. I feel trapped.
  12. I think I know what will make me feel better but I just can’t push myself to do it and I’ll “yes, but” any suggestions made by others.

Now add up the number of items you wrote down and check your score below:

0 to 3: more exhausted than stressed

4 to 6: beginning to stress out

7 to 9: possibly stressed out

10 to 12: probably stressed out

(Ghoulston, 2010)

If you are interested in hypnosis as treatment for stress symptoms, please contact me.