Seven Ways to Take Charge of Your Therapy Session

Without elaborating on these issues, you will want to consider the following issues when looking for a therapist and then engaging in therapy:

  1. Finding the right fit by taking inventory of your symptoms and looking for a therapist who specializes in those symptoms. Also think about gender preferences.
  2. Take ownership of your session. You are there to talk so take time beforehand to think about what you want to say. Maybe jot down a few notes and thoughts.
  3. Don’t expect answers. The therapist is not going to answer your questions but they will give you the tools to answer the questions yourself.
  4. Tell your therapist if you have concerns about your sessions. Speak up if you don’t like something your therapist says. Address your frustrations in the session.
  5. It’s all worth mentioning. When you are in therapy, buried or forgotten feelings get dredged up. Tell your therapist about images that cross your mind.
  6. Pick a good time for your session. What is the best time of day for you? Are you a morning person. Timing can also depend on where you have to be after your appointment. If you can’t avoid a schedule conflict, then tell your therapist what is on your agenda so that he/she does not engage you in intense conversation 10 minutes before the session is over. You might need a cool down period before you leave.
  7. Ask about your progress. From the beginning talk about the end. Along the way you need to know you are making progress. Therapy needs to feel like a safe place to reveal your thoughts and feelings.
  8. If you have more questions about this or other issues that can be addressed with hypnosis or life coaching please give me a call at 361.442.9590 or email at