Setting Healthy Boundaries

Do you have trouble setting boundaries? Psychologists have identified five kinds of boundaries that we need to guard. Physical-willingness to have physical contact, whether with friends or in public, such as on a bus. Emotional-limits on sharing intimate feelings. Sexual-comfort with and consent to sexual contact. Time-how much time you are willing to give to people and events. Material-what possessions you will share and with whom.

To set boundaries: Clarify for yourself what you value, and communicate that to people with whom you interact. Examples: Set your physical boundary by saying that you’re not a hugger and offer a handshake…set a time boundary by saying that you’ll stop by an event for only a few hours…establish your material boundary by not lending your car to someone you think will not take care of it.

There are many more ways to set boundaries and it can be very scary to start setting boundaries after much time has passed without being firm and expressing your needs and wants. If you think I can help you with this process through coaching, please contact me at [email protected] or 361.442.9590.