My Own Struggle

I have been asked many times if I’ve ever used hypnosis on myself, and the answer is yes. In fact I am using self hypnosis to decrease and eventually stop drinking diet sodas. This may not sound like a big deal but I have been a diet coke addict for almost 60 years! There has been a lot of press lately about the detrimental effects of the artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks including possible links to dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Typically I started my day with a 20 oz or more diet coke that I would have with breakfast. Then if I was out and about and there was a Circle K or a Stripes on my way, I would stop and get a 44 oz or 36 oz cup of diet coke usually mixed with the real thing! That is a whopping amount of diet beveridge!

I have used self hypnosis before to stop other habits in addition to confidence building and motivation. One of my favorite things to do is to establish an anchor (usually a touch connected to suggestions) so I have used this method to help me decrease and eliminate artificial sweeteners. It has not been easy but I started this connection on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. I am now drinking no more than 12 oz of diet coke having started at 24 to 36 oz. There is no magic here and it is still a struggle but my anchor helps to strengthen my resolve and to remind me that I have options. If only I liked coffee!

Today is day 7 of my decreasing the amount of diet soda that I was consuming. Although I am still at 12 oz. I have passed two big challenges. Yesterday after my volunteer work for Marbridge, I didn’t stop at Stripes for a 36 oz. fountain drink. That has been my habit for over four years. Today I stopped by Dollar General where I usually get a 20 oz. diet coke from the refrigerator as I am checking out. I didn’t do it today! These are wins for me and my anchor has been a big help to not engage in this detrimental behavior.

Today is day 14 of decreasing and stopping my use of artificial sweeteners most notably those found in diet coke. I appear to be stuck at 12 oz so I need to reinforce my anchor through more self hypnosis. The journey is not a smooth one and certainly not an easy one. There is no magic here. I am documenting my struggle so that you know when you decide to change or stop some behavior, it is not a smooth road. I have set a goal to be done with diet cokes by the end of April. I think I am on my way so I am not discouraged.

I will continue to add to this post and you can follow my journey here. If you are curious about anchors, self hypnosis or hypnosis in general, please feel free to contact me or comment on this blog post.

2 thoughts on “My Own Struggle”

  1. I have been using your cd to try and help with issues going on in my live and I have found that it helps me to relax and make my day easier to deal with. I also found that it’s best for me to lye down on a flat surface to listen to it instead of sitting up because I relax better. I have to admit I should have let you hypnotizes me years ago when you asked me about it. I think I would be in a better place in my attitude and life.
    Keep up the wonderful work. You have help me for many years.
    Thank You

  2. Thank you, Carly. I hope that you will continue to use the CD as the benefits will increase the more often you listen. After awhile, you will be able to do this for yourself anytime and anywhere.

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