Last Comments About Overthinking

Is thinking helping or hurting? When you catch yourself ruminating, stop yourself with this exercise….

Put your hand on your heart to show yourself compassion, and silently say, Whoa I am stuck. Then ask yourself, Have I gone over this enough? Have I done everything I can to correct this problem? Is thinking causing more suffering or relief? if the answers to these questions is yes, and you notice yourself thinking about the issue again, you can consciously shift your attention away from your thoughts.

Important: Sometimes you just have to accept that there is no solution, and vow to leave an issue alone to find peace. Ironically, sometimes turning away from your thoughts leads to a solution.

By refusing to engage in overthinking, you loosen your attachment to negativity and suffering…redirect your attention to the present moment…and cultivate a sense of self separate from your thoughts so they don’t have control over how you feel or what you do.

If you feel you need some help with overthinking, hypnosis might be a solution. I am happy to talk to you about ruminating and how hypnosis might help in stopping overthinking. Please contact me at 361.442.9590 or [email protected]