Five Things You Can Do Today to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Here are five creative, fun ways to keep your brain sharp no matter your age:

  1. Play against the clock. Add a time element to some of your usual intellectual pursuits such as trying to beat the clock when playing Wordle or filling out the New York Times spelling bee. This forces you to pay attention and work quickly and think flexibly. There are many word games and spelling games out there.
  2. Chat with friends. Schedule time to socialize with friends. This causes you to focus and exercise many thinking skills. You have to toggle between listening and speaking. The pay off is almost immediate.
  3. Give the Green Mediterranean diet a go. This eating plan is heavy on fruits and veggies and is high in anti-inflammatory plant compounds which are helpful in memory.
  4. Read more. Reading can reduce risk for future cognitive decline. It is a wonderful way to engage our brain in creative thought. Also read more things on paper instead of a tablet or computer which causes eye strain and reduces reading comprehension.
  5. Make lists. List making is an excellent cognitive tool. To do lists help you get more things done which frees up space in your mind for other plans, tasks, and challenges. Make lots of lists and write them out by hand.

Hypnosis is also a great way to expand your thinking and understanding and provide possible release from other worries, fears and thoughts that occupy your time and detract from a more prosperous and happy and healthy life. If you are interested in the possibility of hypnosis, please contact me at 361.442.9590 or