Did You Know That Nasal Breathing Can Help With Nervousness?

When we are nervous we tend to take quick, shallow breaths often only through our mouth. But that simply increases the anxious feelings. Nasal breathing or breathing through your nose instead of your mouth, makes it easier to take long, calming breaths because it brings a lot more oxygen into the body.

“Shallow breaths cause us to hold in CO2 which depletes energy stores and triggers the brain into thinking something’s wrong” says Truitt, a clinical psychologist. “Oxygen essentially sends a message to the brain that we’re okay.”

Bonus: Breathing this way warms the air you take in, which helps your lungs make better use of oxygen and relaxes you even more.

Truitt recommends that you inhale through your nose, hold it, and inhale through your nose again. Exhale through your mouth for longer than you’ve inhaled. (Aim for a slow count of 2, then a slow count of 3 for the extra inhalation.)

Or try this simpler approach: Inhale slowly through your nose, then exhale even more slowly through your mouth. Doing this even three or four times, which takes less than a minute, should help calm you.

You can add this sort of breath work to your daily routine, or use it any time you feel particularly stressed. (Truitt, 2022)

Hypnosis is certainly an appropriate tool to help you learn to breathe deeply and calmly. If you have questions or would like to experience hypnosis, please contact me at 361.442.9590 or holtadams2002@yahoo.com